LP HR Heavy Rigid Licence




Obtain your HR Licence quickly and easily obtaining the practical skills to do the job.

  • Heavy Rigid Driving Lessons cost $110 per hour GST Free
  • Warm up drive and Test for Heavy Rigid vehicle cost $290 GST Free
  • Licence in a Day Course for Heavy Rigid cost $795
    (Synchromesh and Automatic Gearboxes only – Condition B recorded on the Licence)
  • Condensed Training Course for Heavy Rigid $1,450
    (Non synchromesh/ roadranger gearbox i.e double clutching technique)
  • Average number of Lessons for HR B Condition Licence between 4 – 6
  • Average number of Lessons for HR Unconditional Licence (no gearbox restrictions) approximately 12
  • However, no minimum or maximum lessons apply, you will just have what you need to be test ready
  • On completion of your first lesson it will be possible to give you an estimate of what the lesson requirement will be.

The Driving School provides a comprehensive range of driving lessons and driving courses for classes of trucks LR to MC, covering all gearbox codes. We will help you get your Heavy Rigid (HR) licence We will provide you with top quality training, help prepare you for your test and assist you every step of the way until you have your licence in your pocket.

Situated in Arundel on the Gold Coast, we have been in the business of heavy vehicle instruction since 1999. We offer professional driver training in a fleet of modern air-conditioned vehicles for Queensland and NSW licences


Why use The Driving School?

  • Reputable training company established in 1999 (been a Registered Training Organisation since 2010)
  • Our instructors are employees (not sub contractors chasing your $$ and spending half of your lesson on the phone booking in another student’s training / driving tests)
  • Lessons that focus on you and what you need to be test ready
  • Highly qualified instructors fully prepare you and provide assistance until you achieve your licence.
  • Training done in a modern air conditioned fleet, industry relative allowing for student and instructor comfort.
  • We train in a friendly, low stress environment conducive to learning.
  • Excellent first time pass rates – consistently above the Qld  national average
  • Well organised office – someone always here to answer your phone call or email.
  • Competitive prices and flexible hours.
  • We get the job done.  We don’t waste your time or ours.

There are 3 types of Heavy Rigid Licences obtainable (different because of their gearbox restrictions). Please read the licence conditions below to ascertain which licence best fits your needs.

A HR Licence will cover a truck, prime mover with or without a trailer of not more than 9 tonne GVM.

Licence Conditions:

  • To obtain this licence you must have held a class C provisional, probationary or open licence for at least two years or a class LR or MR provisional, probationary or open licence for at least one year.
  • If you currently hold an MR and have held it for over 12 months you are eligible for a HC licence.
  • You must also pass the Department of Transport and Main Roads written knowledge test and the on road practical driving test.
  • Do not have to undertake learner’s questions again if LR or MR Licence is  already held.

Heavy Rigid Condition A (HRA): Can drive Automatic gearbox only.

Heavy Rigid Condition B (HRB): Can drive Synchromesh (single clutch movement like a manual car as opposed to double clutch) and Automatic gearbox only

Heavy Rigid Unconditional / Open : Can drive any Heavy Rigid Truck – Automatic, synchromesh and non synchromesh gearboxes i.e. crash box or road ranger.

We can also assist with Refresher training and VOC (Verification of Competency / on-site assessment.  This can be done in our vehicles or alternatively in your own truck or your employer’s truck. Lessons are available from Monday – Saturday from 6.30am.

TIP : If you already hold a manual car licence, regardless of whether you take your lessons and test in the Heavy Rigid truck with an automatic or synchromesh gearbox, you will end up with the same licence a HRB (can drive Synchromesh and Automatic gearbox only). The reason for this being that you have already previously demonstrated during a past driving test that you can use a vehicle with a synchromesh gearbox and for test purposes you do not have to do it again.

TIP : If you already hold an open MR, with no restrictions or conditions on your Licence you could consider undertaking your HR Licence in our automatic truck and you would end up with an open / unconditional HR. After obtaining your Licence, we could then offer you training or refresher training in a HR truck with a crash box / road ranger gearbox without the stress of having a driving examination at the end of it. However, be aware that MR licence holders are permitted to go to HC so you should also give consideration to this option – lifting the class and the gearbox restriction at the same time.

Therefore your decision on which truck to learn and take your practical driving test in i.e. HR open, HR Synchromesh or HR Automatic, would take into account your reasons for obtaining a HR Licence, your budget constraints, what licence your employer (potential employer) requires you to have, whether you intend to progress with your driving career further in the future and whether in your day to day life, you prefer to drive an automatic or a manual vehicle.

TIP : The HR Open Licence is the best licence you can go to from a car licence. If you obtain an unconditional open HR licence at the outset, after 12 months you progress to either HC or MC. You could then take your practical driving test in an automatic truck and still end up with an unconditional open HC or MC. You do not have to demonstrate the ability to operate a truck with a non synchromesh gearbox again.

Examples of employment opportunities with HR (condition B) licence are:

  • Around town freight, local deliveries, most big companies
  • Surfside Bus Lines, JJ Richards garbage collectors, many of the Concrete companies

Examples of employment opportunities with an HR unconditional licence are:

  • Tip trucks
  • Progressing to semi trailers, interstate and Quarries
  • Really heavy loads